Oystercatcher Gallery

Migration Figure

Popular Stop


Rest for the Weary

Taking a Break

Daily Preening

Looking Up

Community Roosting

Peregrine Falcon Drive-by

Oreo at Roost

CF7 and Friends on an Oyster Bar

CF7 Wintering in South Carolina


Oreo on the Horseshoe Beach Jetty

Oreo in Cedar Key: Close-up

Oreo at Cedar Key

Roosting Together

Oreo’s Last Days on the Docks

Kayakers Flush Roosting Birds

An Island of Godwits and Oystercatchers

UP Behind Shackleford Banks

Orange 26 from New Jersey

Dark Green AAM from Delaware

Orange Green and Black Skimmers

Oreo on the Docks

Don’t Flush Oystercatchers

Oreo and Mate Roosting

Aerial Display

Orange Green and the Flock

Orange Green and his mate sitting together after loosing their second nest.

Orange Green on the Beach with Mate

Arnie without Transmitter

Arnie in July


Love Birds

Piping Display

Oreo’s Mate and Chick, July 15, 2013

Oreo’s Family, July 15, 2013

CJX Preens

Chick Bump #4

Chick Bump #3

Chick Bump #2

Begging for Food

Taking the Measure of Oreo’s Chick

Abby Captures Oreo’s Chick

CFX on the left, in a territorial dispute with a neighbor oystercatcher.

CFX in a Squabble

UP and UR's second nest.

UP and UR’s Second Nest

Big Chick

Orange Green’s Eggs


Fast Food

Orange Green Up Close

Orange Green's territory.

Orange Green’s Territory

Orange Green's release.

Orange Green’s Release

Almost Ready

Orange Green Gets His Transmitter

Orange Green Gets New Bands

Ted and Orange Green.

Ted and Orange Green

Successful capture.

Successful Capture

Watching the seemingly endless head-bobbing and piping display the pair put on.

Waiting Game

Walking north up Lea-Hutaff to Orange Green's territory.

Orange Green’s Capture Team

Chick Competition

Pair Formation



Nest Decoration


Worn Path


Wet Chicks

Young Chicks

Easy Prey

Camouflaged Chicks

Foraging with Chicks


Feeding Chicks


CF7 strolls through her territory.

CF7 on Territory

Arnie Watches the Chicks

Arnie and the chicks.

Arnie and Chicks

UP takes a break from incubating.

UP Takes a Break

Oreo receives a chick bump.

Chick Bump

Oreo feeds a chick.

Oreo Feeds Her Chick

Oreo's chick trio.

Oreo’s Chick Trio

Feed me.

Feed Me

Arnie's two chicks.

Arnie’s Two Chicks

Oreo, mate, and one of the three chicks on the day after Tropical Storm Andrea.

On the Beach After the Storm

Arnie's chick, CF4, hot foots it back to its parents after banding.

Arnie’s Chick Banded

Arnie's oldest chick at banding.

Arnie’s Oldest Chick

Oreo with all three chicks.

Oreo and Young Chicks

Oreo shades a chick.

Oreo Shades a Chick

Oreo attacks a ghost crab.

Oreo Attacks a Ghost Crab

Oreo at the shoreline with all three chicks.

Oreo at the Shoreline with All Three Chicks

CFX Returns to Nest

CFX Takes Flight

CFX’s Release

CFX’s Backpack

CFX’s New Green Band

Banding CFX

CFX’s Clutch

CFX’s Nest

CFX’s Nest Site

All three chicks.

Oreo’s Chicks

Oreo disposing of the eggshell.

Oreo Disposing of the Eggshell

Oreo's mate and the pair's first chick.

Oreo’s Mate and the First Chick to Hatch

Pair Bonding

American Oystercatcher Feeding


Keeping an Eye Out

Mixed Roosting





False Brooding


Alarm Calls

Fending off Predators


UP’s Nest

UP’s Posting

Oceanside near UP's nest.

Home Sweet Home

UP’s Release

UP Ready to Go

UP’s New Harness

UP with Harness

UP Captured in Noose Carpet

Go Away!

CF7 Standing Sentry

CF7’s Three Eggs

CF7’s Release

CF7 Pre-release

CF7 Harness

CF7’s New Bands

Banding CF7

Decoy and Noose Carpets

Oystercatchers on an Oysterbar

Clam Dinner

Looking for Food

Dinner’s on the Bill

Time to Eat

A Lesson in Opening Shells

Arnie’s Chick, One Week Old

Oreo’s Nest

Oreo and Mate

Oreo Three Days After Banding

Oreo Ready for Release

Oreo’s Harness

Oreo Getting Outfitted with a Transmitter

Oreo’s New Transmitter

Setting up the noose carpet for Oreo's capture.

Noose Carpet Set Up

Oreo Before Capture

Chick up Close

Arnie’s Chicks

Arnie’s Eggs Hatching

Arnie’s Nest

Arnie's little beach.

Arnie and Mate

Arnie’s Orange Band

Arnie with Transmitter

Arnie’s New Transmitter


Barrier Islands


Shell Rakes

Oyster Beds

A dredge spoil island.

Dredge Spoil Islands

Shell Rakes